Sunny Days

It’s a super exciting time today because… I have everything ready to conquer Europe with my boyfriend this summer! It will be his first time backpacking and travelling, I’m so excited to show him my passion for travelling and watch his heart be captured by wanderlust.

But, my dear travellers and readers, I am reaching out to you. I’m the kind of traveller that — sure, I enjoy the tourist attractions — but I like to really experience a city. I like to see what the locals like to do, what parts of the city capture their heart. I want to know where to get the best donuts in one city, or the best non-tourist-trap view in another. Therefore my friends, I am asking you: where are your favourite places of the below places? I will be visiting these cities over two months, and I want your advice!


Dublin, Ireland

Edinburgh, Scotland

London, England

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Warsaw, Poland

Krakow, Poland

Prague, Czech Republic

Munich, Germany

Paris, France

What kind of traveller are you? What did you love/hate about these cities! I look forward to hearing from you lovely humans in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. I honestly never thought I’d want to go to Amsterdam, but after finding cheap tickets on RyanAir last year I would 100% go back again! Try and check it out, but if not, Edinburgh is gorgeous too!


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