Sometimes, Life happens

Hello, wonderful travellers of the internet!

It’s been awhile. Not intentionally, of course. I’ve been having  major technical difficulties with my laptop. My computer is reaching retirement age with a vengeance, and doing anything on it takes hours. Literally, hours. It lags, get upset, has a tantrum then restarts. Alas, it is time to move on. But that requires money, money that I do not have right this moment BUT I am working on it and hope to be onto new technology soon… and have more frequent blog posts up.

I also went on a trip! I got back from Orlando, Florida a few days ago from visiting all the Disney World parks as well as Universal Studios Orlando. I will definitely be writing some blog posts about my experience there as well as tips and tricks and what I wish I knew before I went. So stay tuned!

I have also been busy planning my next trip to Europe in June. (On above mentioned laptop… you can imagine the frustration). We will be hitting up 8 countries so there is tons of planning to be done!

Well, there is my little update. I have not dropped off the face of the Earth, I just have been forced into technological exile because my laptop has decided to slowly but surely wither. There will be more blog posts soon! I am doing my best!

Much love,



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