The time I found myself in a spin class

Now, you may have laughed at the title. But it is seriously true.

A week ago I tried my first ever, real spin class. I do generally a good amount of exercise, I work out (normally) about 3-4 times a week and am generally happy with my body. That is, except cardio. Don’t blame me if I’m not a fan of feeling like my lungs are going to collapse and taste blood at the back of my throat. The thought of a spin class terrified me. I wasn’t keen on the idea of sitting in a dark little room, on a stationary bike, having a ripped instructor yelling at me to pedal faster.ย But whenย my friend invited me to go to I decided, why the heck not!

Oh. My. God.

Not only were my thoughts true. I was jammed in a little dark room, on a stationary bike where my shoes clipped into the pedals and had a literally ripped woman instructor with abs I would probably eat fudge off of (and I’m very much into men). The music was thumping louder than a night club.ย I have never in my life sweat so much not even when I’ve done hot yoga. My legs were burning. My butt was cramping. My toes were numb from pushing on the pedals. I seriously thought I was going to throw up my bagel I ate beforehand (pro tip, don’t eat a bagel before spin class). I wanted to just give up. Throw in my nice, fancy towel provided by this fancy spin studio and walk out. It was during a “climb” (meaning you are up off your bike peddling against quite a bit of resistance for a period of time) that I had anย epiphany.

I always give up. Well, okay, always isn’t the right word. But when the going gets tough, I freeze. I tell myself I can’t. I tell myself it’s over. I tell myself this is where it stops. I don’t push myself over the edge. It’s just too hard. But then, halfway through this climb and wanting to throw in the towel I asked myself, why? Why do I let myself get half way and forfeit? Is it because I’m lazy or is it because I fully believe I can’t do it? Well, fuck (excuse my language) that because I can. So, feeling like I was going to throw up my bagel, I pedalled harder. I gave it my all for the rest of the spin class. And when it was finished I felt amazing. I had done it. I had done it and I didn’t half-ass it.

I left spin class thinking about this new epiphany I had. You know, wondering as I do. How many of us throw in the towel when it gets too hard? Or don’t do something we want to do because we plainly believe that we can’t? How many opportunities have we missed? How many times have I checked myself out of something incredible because I fully believed I couldn’t? It really is true, that we are our own enemies. We are our biggest road blocks. And although I’ve always subconsciously known it, it took a spin class to kick it out of me.

Well, my friends, what does one do with this epiphany? You put it in the front of your mind so that everyday when you wake up you tell yourself you actually kick ass. You can do it. We all can do it. Whatever “it” is. ย Whether it’s to travel the world. Whether it’s to make rap music. Whether it’s to have a blog to convey your thoughts, experiences and relay information (even though you really think no one else will care – who cares!). Whether it’s to just lose those extra 10 lbs you feel that you need to lose but think you can’t. We all can do it. We just have to tell ourselves that we can, take the first step and start the impossibly difficult climb.



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