Wonder in Wanderlust

For a month I’ve had this blog, and for a month I haven’t written anything on it. I knew what I wanted it to be about. I wanted it to be about traveling. It’s why I made myย slogan “naps, laughs and travel”. I wanted to write about my travelling adventures and document them. I wanted to write about spontaneity. But I haven’t written anything.

I wanted this blog to be a journal of my adventures, but I was being picky on what adventures I wanted to share. 2016 has started great, I’ve gone on a trip to Disneyland in California (which originally was going to be my first blogpost, and who knows I may still write about it) and I have a caribbean cruise in two weeks as well as a four country tour in Europe this June. But what I didn’t realize I also wanted this blog to be about, was that I wanted it to be about self-discovery. Motivation. Inspiration. Change.

Let me give you some context. It is currently 2 am on a Friday night, and I’ve just come home from a surprise party I helped plan for my best friend. It was fun, I love seeing my friends. But then as most early-twenty-somethings do, plenty of people had drank too much. The party was getting a little out of hand. I found myself sitting on the couch alone and miserable watching the party-goers thinking to myself “why couldn’t I be more like them?”. Now, when I’m in these predicaments (which sadly seems to be often) I dream. I dream of what the sandy beaches of Thailand would feel like squishing between my toes. The Asian sun beating down on my back. I dream about running away to Italy, to eat Margherita pizza on the patio of a little family-owned cafe, watching tourists go by. I dream of hiking up Machu Picchu. I dream of places far away from here. I can’t possibly be the only person who is stuck in this wanderlust. This continuous desire to be somewhere else. Hence the name, Wonder in Wanderlust. Though this blog will include my travel journeys, it will also include mine. My journey to self-discovery, of building myself up to the person I want to be. My journey of learning to care less, love more, laugh more, nap more, say yes more. A journey of self-esteem and learning to love myself fully and put myself first.

Maybe this is cheesy. But maybe it’s just what one person needs reading this to know they are not alone in their wondering and wanderlust. Their wanderlust to escape to the places beautifully depicted by photos on the Internet or magazines. That they’re not alone feeling stuck in this early-twenty-something bubble filled simultaneously with confusion and desire. Maybe this will be exactly what someone needs to read, someone starting at the beginning of their journey just like me. Or the middle I guess, since I am in my 20s.

I guess this is my introduction then. Hello, I’m Jo. And I hope you join me wondering in wanderlust in this chaotic life we have created for ourselves.



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